Tech Urges Biden to Support Crypto Legislation Following Release of GOP Platform

“You can still win this issue,” says Chamber of Progress

Jul 9, 2024

Following this week’s release of the Republican Party’s platform, including a swipe at Democrats’ record on crypto, Chamber of Progress urged President Joe Biden to speak out on the issue in support of bipartisan crypto legislation. In a letter sent today, the organization highlights crypto policy as an opportunity for the Democratic candidate to connect with young voters while supporting bipartisan reforms that will protect consumers and support innovation in the U.S. Read the full letter here.

“President Biden still has a chance to win this issue going into this year’s election,” said Chamber of Progress Financial Policy Director Kyle Bligen. “With 18 million Americans currently holding or trading in cryptocurrency, the urgent need for comprehensive crypto regulation is front of mind for a lot of voters. With bipartisan legislation already moving in Congress, President Biden has an opportunity to engage in a constructive way that shows he’s forward-thinking on digital assets.”

On Wednesday, members of the Biden Administration are expected to attend a bitcoin and blockchain roundtable hosted by Rep. Ro Khanna.

Earlier this year, Chamber of Progress played an active role in supporting passage of H.R. 4763, the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act (FIT21), in the House of Representatives. The legislation creates new consumer protections and divides oversight of the digital assets industry between the CFTC and the SEC.


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