By forcing online companies to pay and link to nearly every far-right website claiming to provide “news,” the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act would spread misinformation and further undermine faith in journalism–hurting the very industry the bill intends to help.

Knowing the bill will fill their pockets and expand their reach, large news organizations–including those that continue to push false claims about election fraud–are pressuring Congress to pass JCPA. Don’t let their voices be the only ones your representatives are hearing.

Tell Congress: Reject JCPA

Without your voice, Congress will force online platforms to pay and link to right-wing news:

This legislation would only fuel misinformation and outright lies spread by bad actors:

One America News

Source: Politifact

Alex Jones

Source: Politifact

Adam Kovacevich
Founder and CEO
Chamber of Progress

Not only does the bill mandate that Google, Meta, and Apple make direct payments to right-wing outlets for their “news” articles, it ties the platforms hands against moderating extreme content from those services.

Make sure Congress hears from you: Don't force online platforms to spread misinformation