Technology Policy

Our nation’s antitrust laws should put consumers first, protecting them from anti-competitive behavior and higher prices. We oppose proposals  that would harm consumers or break the services they enjoy.

Biden Signs CHIPS Act into Law → Polling Reveals Dem Concern Over Content Moderation in Tech Competition Bills →
Speech & Content Moderation

Americans want social media platforms that are free from hate speech and dangerous misinformation. We support Section 230 and platforms’ rights under the First Amendment to build safe online communities.

Civic Society and Tech Coalition Oppose PA Digital Teen Censorship Bill (SB 22) → Amicus brief in State of WA vs. Meta Platforms →

One of the public’s top tech priorities is protecting online privacy. Policymakers should pass federal privacy legislation while making sure that the ad-supported Internet remains accessible to all.

House Marks Up Consumer Privacy Bill → Chamber of Progress Calls on DOJ to Update Data Privacy Stance Post-Dobbs Decision →

Online marketplaces have opened up access to a world of goods and services for countless families. We oppose  proposals that would harm the entrepreneurs and consumers who depend on these services.

Testimony to NH Legislature: Oppose SB 355, Legislation That Would Hurt Small Online Sellers → Testimony to MI Lawmakers: Reject Online Marketplace Legislation (HBs 5485, 5486, and 5487) →
Civic Innovation Policy
Autonomous Vehicles

AVs have the potential to change transit in a way that empowers non-driving communities, reduces traffic fatalities, and shrinks our nation’s carbon footprint. 

PA Senate Sends Autonomous Vehicle Bill to Governor → Autonomous Vehicles: Leveraging Technology for Diverse Community Benefit →
Delivery & Sharing

Every day, delivery and sharing services are connecting millions of Americans with products and services that they couldn’t otherwise access or afford. These services have made communities a better place to live.

Testimony to MA Lawmakers: Oppose Indefinite Delivery Fee Caps (SB 2740) → Testimony to Philadelphia City Council: Oppose Permanent Delivery Fee Caps →

Tech services like security deposit insurance, house-sharing apps, and online real estate have helped many families keep a roof over their heads. 

Letter to Connecticut Legislature: Support Housing Access Bill H.B. 5234 → Tallahassee Democrat Op-Ed: Florida's renters need relief - Security deposit alternatives can help →

We support new transportation modes that increase mobility and help consumers get where they’re going. Car-sharing apps, scooter services, and ride shares have all provided new, affordable transportation options for Americans, including many who live in transportation deserts.

Letter to CA Lawmakers: Support Clean Transportation Program, Electric Vehicle Charging → Letter to MI Lawmakers: Oppose Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Restrictions (HB 4915, HB 4916, HB 4917) →
Social Policy
Closing the Digital Divide

Closing the digital divide is one of the biggest equity issues of our time. We support federal investments in universal broadband that would connect all Americans.

Biden Budget Makes Critical Tech Investments → FCC Commissioner Targets Undocumented Immigrants →

We need to rethink how we label workers in our country. We should create a new category of employment to ensure flexible workers receive the pay they deserve and keep the hours they enjoy.

Tech Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Affirmative Action → Gov. Inslee Signs Gig Worker Deal →

We support national family leave policies and universal health care, and access to telemedicine and tele health services that expand access to care for underserved populations. 

Chamber of Progress Calls on DOJ to Update Data Privacy Stance Post-Dobbs Decision → Biden Issues Reproductive Health Executive Order →
Economic Policy

Fintech apps and products have exploded in popularity among consumers in part because they offer better services and lower fees. These products provide increased access and inclusion across the financial industry.

CFPB to Investigate Fintech Services → American Banker Op-Ed: There's a reason fintechs have exploded in popularity →

Crypto has provided the underbanked with a method to send and receive funds, and it’s allowed for decentralized borrowing and lending to generate wealth. Policymakers must enact a framework for crypto regulation that values competition, consumer protections, innovation, and environmentally responsible practices.

SEC Alleges Crypto Tokens are Securities → On Hinman Speech Anniversary, Chamber of Progress Calls on SEC for Crypto Clarity →

American companies and the richest Americans should be required to pay their fair share of taxes. Chamber of Progress supports progressive taxation that funds a bigger social safety net

Biden Budget Makes Critical Tech Investments →