Florida Set to Pass Anti-Vax Laws
In special session, Florida defies Biden’s COVID measures
Nov 17, 2021

On Wednesday, Florida’s legislature is set to pass a suite of bills targeted at reversing President Biden’s COVID-19 mandates. Some of the bills’ controversial policies, including a measure that would strip COVID-19 liability protections from private companies, have drawn resistance from both Democratic and Republican state lawmakers.

Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich releases the following statement:

“Florida has among the most COVID deaths in the nation because time and again DeSantis has prioritized politics over the pandemic response. The anti-vaxxer legislation he’s pushing through now is bad for workers who want to return to a safe office and everyone who wants to put an end to this pandemic.”

Some of Florida’s largest private employers, including Disney and Google, have put vaccine requirements in place for their workers that could be undone by the new laws.


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