Tech Industry Groups Urge Congress to Pass Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework
Jul 16, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – A group of ten tech industry associations today called on Congress to pass the bipartisan infrastructure framework likely to come before the Senate next week. In a letter sent to House and Senate offices, the groups pointed out the framework’s historic investments in universal broadband, electric vehicle infrastructure, cybersecurity, and upgrades to power, water, and electric infrastructure as reasons for passing the legislation.

Tech groups that signed the letter include Chamber of Progress, ACT | The App Association, the Computer and Communications Industry Association, the Connected Commerce Council, the Developers Alliance, Engine, the Internet Association, the Software & Information Industry Association, TechNet, and Tech:NYC. Read the full letter here.

recent study by the National Education Association shows that an estimated 25% of all school-aged children live in households without broadband access or a web-enabled device (such as a computer or tablet). The research shows that barriers to online access are even greater for Native students, rural students, and students of color.

The bipartisan package also includes funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and a $47 billion investment in climate change related infrastructure.

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