Commercial Delivery Drones Announced for Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Drones offer consumer and environmental benefits
Oct 20, 2021

On Wednesday, Wing announced plans to begin operating commercial drone delivery in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the second U.S. municipality to host Wing’s drone delivery, and the first major U.S. metro area to do so. In Little Elm and Frisco, Wing is launching a new door-to-door delivery partnership with Walgreens, which will use Wing’s drones to fly products directly to consumers. In Frisco, Wing is deploying a separate drone facility focused on new use cases, public tours, and community demonstrations.

“Getting food or medicine delivered by a drone might feel like science fiction, but soon it will be a real-life option for families in Frisco and Little Elm,” said Chamber of Progress CEO and Founder Adam Kovacevich. “Today’s announcement is a big victory for people in North Texas who can’t drive themselves or live in transportation deserts, and for those who want to see a greener transportation sector. If Wing’s success in Virginia is any guide, drone delivery will be a hit with consumers in Texas too.”

For two years, Wing-operated drones have delivered goods to the residents of Christiansburg, Virginia. As the Christiansburg pilot has proceeded, potential worries about noise, safety, and privacy have faded in the face of drone delivery’s benefits. When surveyed by neighboring Virginia Tech, nearly 90% of residents in Christiansburg supported the new drone delivery services.

Research suggests swapping car rides for drone deliveries could cut up to 294 million miles of road travel and 114,000 tons of carbon dioxide in a single metro area each year. Wing estimates its drones are 10 times more efficient than electrical vehicles and 50 times as efficient as gas-powered vehicles.


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