Chamber of Progress Launches New Polling Site

Statewide polls show voters worry tech bill could harm consumers

Jun 23, 2022

On Thursday, Chamber of Progress launched a new microsite showing results for statewide tech policy polls in 27 states across the country. The new polling site, which presents surveys conducted since November of last year, allows users to navigate between state polls to find out which issues voters in their state prioritize and how they feel about pending tech legislation. In every state, polling shows that voters prioritize action on inflation and economic issues while tech regulation ranks at the bottom of voter priorities.

See the new polling site here

“As we approach the elections, it’s critical that lawmakers be aware of where voters stand on tech policy,” said Chamber of Progress Senior Director of Tech Policy K.J. Bagchi. “What we’re seeing in state after state is that voters don’t rank tech regulation as a priority and many are worried tech legislation could end up hurting consumers. This data should set off alarm bells for Democrats in tough reelection fights about what voters want to see ahead of November.”

During previous rounds of polling, Chamber of Progress shared survey results with the White House and with congressional offices. The surveys affirm the results of other polls conducted by national news outlets showing that voters prioritize economic issues as the November elections approach.


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