White House Releases AI Bill of Rights

Initiative counters discrimination in education, employment, housing, health

Oct 4, 2022

On Tuesday, the White House issued a non-binding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bill of Rights, including guidelines to counter discrimination, protect data privacy, and increase user safety in the use of AI. At the core of the Bill of Rights are five principles, which state that people must: 1) be free from unfair algorithmic discrimination; 2) know when AI is making a decision about them; 3) have the option of opting out; 4) have control over their data; and 5) that AI must use safe and effective systems.

“No one’s data should be used to make it harder for them to find a job, housing, schooling, or opportunity – and the White House is right to focus on that,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “But these principles have a blind spot: algorithms and AI help tech platforms remove harmful content online, make vehicles safer, and discover new cures for diseases. It even takes AI to identify the kind of discrimination that the report rightly singles out.”


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