Autonomous vehicles (AVs) in California will lower carbon emissions, promote sustainability, and provide access to transit for the elderly, disabled, and those living in underserved communities—but only if the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) gives the green light to Waymo and Cruise’s permit applications.

Affordable AV services could be a game-changer for those without easy access to transportation, increasing their opportunities and quality of life. Tell the CPUC: Autonomous vehicle expansion will help ensure all Californians can get the rides they need.


AVs Help the Elderly and Disabled

With over 13 million Americans having reported facing travel limitations due to disability, autonomous vehicles simplify travel for disabled Americans and bring ride services to areas where taxis, Lyfts, and Ubers are hard to find.

AVs Promote Equity

Studies show transit systems can favor certain commuters over others, disproportionally leaving communities of color with fewer transit options. Autonomous vehicles can bridge the gap for underserved groups.

AVs Lessen Carbon Emissions

People typically aren’t efficient drivers, burning a lot of fuel from constantly speeding up, braking, and re-accelerating. Because they are programmed to follow traffic rules and speed limits, some autonomous vehicles are already reaching 20% increased fuel efficiency, burning less gas and reducing emissions—a win for Californians and the planet.