Announcing the Tech 404 Awards: The Worst Tech Policy of 2023

Chamber of Progress announces inaugural awards series recognizing the worst of tech policy

Apr 4, 2023

On Tuesday (4/04/23), Chamber of Progress announced the first annual Tech 404 Awards, awards recognizing the worst ideas in tech policy of 2023. Taking their name from the 404 Error Code – which tells users their link is broken or page doesn’t exist – the awards recognize legislation that threatens to break the Internet and harm digital consumers.

See the first annual Tech 404 Award recipients

This year’s Tech 404 Awards recognize the most distinguished terrible ideas in five categories: Worst for Children; Worst for Reproductive Freedom; Worst for Working Families; Worst for Online Communities; and Worst Constitutional Violation. 

“Smart tech policy encourages the good parts of technology, discourages its abuses, and spreads its benefits across the country,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich.  “Unfortunately this year’s Tech 404 Award recipients do the opposite – making technology worse for children, women, and families, and ultimately harming people online.”

The award recipients for this year’s Tech 404 Awards include:


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