Annual 404 Awards Highlight 2024’s Worst Tech Policy Flops

Chamber of Progress announces winners of annual legislative award

Apr 4, 2024

On Thursday, Chamber of Progress announced winners of the Second Annual Tech 404 Awards. Every April 4 (4/04), in a special nod to the error code that tells users a link is broken or a page no longer exists, Chamber of Progress hosts a celebration of tech policy proposals that threaten to harm American consumers. This year’s Tech 404 Awards recognize terrible bills in six separate categories.

See this year’s Tech 404 Awards winners.

Winners of this year’s Tech 404 Awards include:

  • Worst for Innovation: The No AI FRAUD Act (HR 6943)
  • Worst for Children: NY’s Teen Digital Censorship Bill (S. 7694)
  • Worst Constitutional Violations: MN’s Prohibiting Social Media Manipulation Act (HF 4400)
  • Worst for Vulnerable Communities: CA’s Autonomous Vehicle Bill (SB 915)
  • Worst for Public Safety: CA’s Digital Controlled Substances Bill (AB 1800)
  • Worst for Working Families: Minneapolis’s new wage law for app-based gig drivers

“There was no shortage of harmful tech proposals this year,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “While the Tech 404 Awards are a tongue-in-cheek celebration of bad ideas in tech policy, the reality is that these bills threaten actual harm on real people, including lost jobs and lost access to life-saving digital resources. We’re going to stop these bills in Congress and in statehouses, because the only thing worse than a bad legislative proposal is a bad legislative proposal that’s become law.”


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