As Tech Sector Faces Crunch, Now is the Wrong Time for Job-Killing Klobuchar Tech Bill

November layoffs impact over 25,000

Nov 16, 2022

Over the course of the past several months, leading American tech companies including Amazon, Meta, Twitter, Snap and others have announced large-scale layoffs, collectively letting go tens of thousands of workers due to a worsening economic climate. In the past two weeks alone, more than 25,000 tech workers have suffered layoffs. Economists now project a recession is almost certain in the next 12 months.

Despite this, several organizations this week launched a renewed call for Congress to pass a bill (AICOA) banning large tech companies from offering integrated services – legislation that would negatively impact tech services and the employees who build and maintain them.

“For tech workers and companies, this has been one of the worst months since the Dot Com bust more than twenty years ago,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “Congress should be looking for ways to support our tech workforce, not considering new regulations that stifle an already damaged tech sector. A recession is the wrong time to bring up a job killer like AICOA.”


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