Biden DOJ Defends Section 230 Against Trump
DOJ intervenes in Trump lawsuit against Twitter
Nov 19, 2021

On Thursday, lawmakers from the Department of Justice notified a federal judge in San Francisco that they plan to defend Section 230 in a lawsuit filed by President Trump against Twitter. In July, the former President filed three lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, and Google, striking back at the social media companies following his removal from the platforms. The DOJ is also expected to intervene in the Section 230 lawsuits against Facebook and Google.

“If you want healthy online communities, if you want to take down hate speech and election misinformation, then you want to protect Section 230,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “There’s a reason President Trump and far-right governors in Texas and Florida are attacking Section 230: it gives social media companies the protection they need to take down radical extremism and disinformation, from Q-Anon to violent insurrectionists.”

Chamber of Progress has opposed legislation that would chip away at Section 230 protections or allow politicians to decide what speech is and is not protected online.

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