Biden Reelection Bid Builds on Pro-Tech First Term

Historic investments in broadband, semiconductors, and research bolstered U.S. competitiveness

Apr 25, 2023

On Tuesday, President Biden announced he would run for a second term in office, launching his reelection campaign. The reelection bid follows a first term in which Biden’s tech agenda was defined by historic investments to expand access to high-speed internet, revitalize the U.S. semiconductor industry, and fund American research, all while isolating international adversaries and uniting democratic nations in defense of an open, accessible Internet.

“President Biden’s approach to tech has had two big pillars: spreading tech jobs to more people and more places, and sticking up for America’s tech leadership in the world,” said Chamber of Progress CEO and Founder Adam Kovacevich. “By connecting more Americans to the digital world, rebuilding our semiconductor industry, and standing up against foreign discrimination against US tech firms , President Biden’s actions have helped maintain our tech edge.” 

During his first two years in office, President Biden’s tech achievements included:


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