California AG Appeals Prop 22 Decision

Lower court overturned ballot measure which passed with overwhelming support

Sep 24, 2021

On Thursday, California Attorney General Rob Bonta initiated an appeal of a state Superior Court judge’s decision to invalidate Prop 22, a ballot measure allowing gig work drivers to remain independent contractors. Prop 22 passed in 2020 with nearly 10 million Californians (58.6% of voters) casting their ballot in favor of the measure. Prop 22 passed by a higher margin than any other ballot measure in the state in 2020, and won in more counties (51 out of 58) than President Joe Biden did (35 out of 58).

“California’s gig drivers want flexibility, and California voters voted to respect that. That’s why Prop 22 passed with such a large majority,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “Attorney General Bonta’s move to appeal the court’s ruling respects the will of California drivers, riders, and voters.”

The recent court decision to overturn Prop 22 threatens to raise prices for both rideshare services and food delivery. The decision would also have serious economic consequences for the thousands of Californians who depend on flexible gig work.

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