California Tech Bill Could Fuel Radical Right Wing Media

Legislation requires social media to pay for links, including far-right content

Apr 4, 2023

On Tuesday, Chamber of Progress sent a letter to California lawmakers, urging them to oppose legislation (AB 886) that would force online platforms to pay for links that send users to any news media site. The tech group raised a number of concerns, including the threat the legislation poses to the open nature of the internet, violations of copyright law, and the fact that the legislation would effectively fund far-right media content.

Read Chamber of Progress’s letter to lawmakers on the California Journalism Preservation Act (AB 886)

“The internet has blossomed as a place where users can link to each other’s content, free of charge,” said Chamber of Progress Adam Kovacevich. “Charging a link tax for every  headline undermines that principle, and ultimately could help fund the most viral, radical content online. If California wants to support local news, lawmakers should consider better ideas like tax credits for subscriptions to local media.”

Last year, as Congress considered passing similar legislation at the federal level, Chamber of Progress published research showing that national conservative outlets, like  Fox News and the New York Post, would earn seven times more link revenue than local news outlets under the bill. Read Chamber of Progress’s op-ed in The Hill on how a link tax would benefit the radical right.


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