Chamber of Progress Announces New Campaign to Defend Fair Use and Promote AI Creativity

“Generate and Create” campaign highlights AI expanding access to creativity, empowering artists, and increasing competition

Jun 6, 2024

To combat the growing legal and policy copyright threats against generative artificial intelligence, Chamber of Progress announced a new campaign, Generate & Create, highlighting the creative benefits of generative artificial intelligence and supporting established fair use protections for AI training and output. 

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The new campaign will highlight how artists use generative AI to enhance their creative output; showcase how AI lowers barriers for producing art; and defend the longstanding legal principle of fair use under copyright law.   

Generate & Create will engage in legal advocacy (amicus briefs and litigation); policy advocacy (testimony and lobbying for/against state and federal legislation on generative AI); rapid response; public affairs campaigns to highlight generative AI’s positive impacts; and policy analysis.

As part of the campaign, Chamber of Progress announced it will hire a dedicated Director of AI, Creativity, and Copyright Policy to lead the Generate & Create campaign. Candidates can learn more about the role here.

The campaign’s logo, theme song, and mascot – “Arty Fish” – were all created with generative AI services.

“Generative AI is unleashing a wave of creativity, enabling new forms of expression, and lowering barriers to participating in creative work,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “In Congress, statehouses, and the courts, there is much work to do defending access to generative AI and the gains it is delivering for creators and consumers. Generate & Create will be a steadfast defender of fair use and a champion for this empowering new technology.”

Earlier this year, Chamber of Progress led a virtual panel with artists who use AI in their creative work to share more about how AI can empower artists and support creative outputs. Chamber of Progress has also defended the application of fair use principles to generative AI in comments to federal agencies and federal courts.


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