Chamber of Progress Expands Work to Europe With New Senior Director

New addition brings tech-optimistic perspective to European policy debates

Apr 19, 2024

Given the increased importance of European regulation to the technology sector, Chamber of Progress is expanding its footprint to Europe by adding a new Senior Director for Europe, Kayvan Hazemi-Jebelli.  Jebelli, who is based in Brussels, will lead the organization’s work on European and transatlantic tech policy. 

Jebelli published a blog post detailing the importance of bringing a progress-oriented tech-optimistic perspective to tech policy debates happening in Europe.

Jebelli previously served as Competition & Regulatory Counsel to the Computer &  Communications Industry Association (CCIA), and has over a decade of experience working as a competition lawyer in private practice, in the European Commission Directorate-General for Competition, and as a visiting researcher at King’s College London.

“Technology is a driver of progress, and that tech optimistic perspective is missing from today’s policy debate in Brussels,” said Jebelli. “Good policy creates a foundation for tech innovations that lead to more progress, abundance, and wealth for all Europeans. With Europe’s economy in a period of stagnation, it’s time to refocus EU tech policy on European innovators, consumers, and tech accessibility that will benefit everyone.”

Read Jebelli’s full blog post, “Charting a Vision of Progress for European Tech Policy.”


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