Chamber of Progress Opens 404 Awards to Nominations

Celebrating the worst-of-the-worst tech policy ideas

Mar 13, 2024

On Wednesday, March 13, Chamber of Progress opened the Second Annual Tech 404 Awards to nominations. The awards program – a special nod to the Error Code 404 that tells users a link is broken or page doesn’t exist – recognizes legislation that threatens to break the Internet and harm digital consumers. A full list of last year’s award winners is available here. Nominations for the 2024 Second Annual Tech 404 Awards can be emailed to

This year, Chamber of Progress will recognize terrible tech policy ideas in five categories:

  • Worst for Working Families
  • Worst for Children
  • Worst for Innovation
  • Worst for Marginalized Communities
  • Worst Constitutional Violation(s)

The 404 Awards, which are announced annually on April 4, last year recognized Utah’s digital teen censorship legislation, Texas’s reproductive health censorship bill, New York and Minnesota’s delivery tax legislation, Iowa’s anti-content moderation bill, and Florida’s unconstitutional tech agenda.