FTC Kicks Off Privacy Rulemaking
Aug 11, 2022

On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) for potential new rules on digital privacy and data use. The FTC’s rulemaking will focus on limiting privacy abuses, protecting kids, combatting unlawful discrimination in algorithms, and curbing lax security practices.

“Poll after poll shows that consumers’ top tech concern is privacy and security, so it’s great to see the FTC focus on this,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “Everyone would benefit from new rules that combat algorithmic discrimination, safeguard consumers’ data, and recognize the important roles of data-driven innovation and ad-supported content.”

Today’s announcement opens a comment period for the public to file comments with the FTC. The ANPR follows legislative developments on privacy policy in Congress and in several states.