ICYMI: Chamber of Progress Fact Checks Sen. Klobuchar’s Claims
Chamber of Progress pushes back against claims that Klobuchar’s bill won’t break Prime
Nov 3, 2021

On Wednesday, Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich published a Medium post fact-checking Sen. Klobuchar’s claims that her American Choice and Innovation Online Act (S. 2992) would not break Amazon Prime. Politico’s Morning Tech newsletter covered the pushback against Sen. Klobuchar’s bill:

“The post was written in response to a document circulated by Klobuchar’s office, which said her bill would not “kill” Amazon Prime. Although the legislation wouldn’t explicitly ban Amazon Prime, its provisions “undercut important components” of how the e-commerce giant offers free two-day shipping, Chamber of Progress argued.”

For more on the impact of S. 2992 on Amazon Prime, read the full Medium post by Kovacevich, including excerpts from legislative text. For information on what other tech services would be impacted if Sen. Klobuchar’s bill passed, read Kovacevich’s Oct. 14 Medium post covering the impact on apps like FaceTime, Google Maps, and Amazon Basics.


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