In Battleground States, Polling Shows Voters Want Focus on Tech Jobs Over Regulatory Crackdown

Voter sentiment on tech policy comes into focus in AZ, GA, MI, NV, NH, NC, PA, WI

Apr 18, 2024

Today, Chamber of Progress released new pre-election polling analyzing voter sentiment on tech policy in eight presidential campaign battleground states. The polling –  which sampled 4,637 voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – found that voters consistently prioritize job creation in tech over a regulatory crackdown on tech companies, and that voters want to see a regulatory approach focused on what’s best for consumers.

Full poll results here

“With the election around the corner, candidates and lawmakers should be meeting voters where they’re at on tech policy,” said Chamber of Progress Adam Kovacevich. “In swing states, that means looking for ways to support job creation in the tech sector and spreading the benefits of technology to more communities. Swing state voters are not clamoring for the government to change the tech services they value and love.” 

Key polling results include:

  • An overwhelming majority of voters (77%+) in all battleground states believe the next president should focus on expanding technology jobs and services, over focusing on regulating Amazon, Google, and Apple. 
  • Majorities of swing state voters (54% to 70%) said that while they have some concerns about tech companies, they feel that tech services make their lives easier or want to see more tech jobs and opportunities in their community.
  • No more than 20% of swing state voters said they have “deep concerns about how technology companies operate and want the government to act aggressively to address their negative impacts.”
  • When asked about tech regulatory priorities, voters’ priorities included stopping malware and scams (13% to 19%), combating misinformation (11% to 14%), and creating tech jobs (5% to 11%). Few voters (1% to 3%) prioritized regulating services such as Amazon Prime or Google Search results.
  • An overwhelming majority of voters (83%+) in all battleground states say Amazon should design search results to benefit consumers rather than competitors. A vast majority of voters (79%+) similarly want Google to design search results for consumers.


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