Klobuchar Bill Would Ban or Degrade Tech Services Used by Millions
Oct 14, 2021

Chamber of Progress, a center-left tech industry coalition promoting technology’s progressive future, issued the following statement in response to press reports on the introduction of Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s new “nondiscrimination” tech regulation proposal:

“Congress and tech companies have plenty of work to do to make the Internet better, safer, and healthier — but instead of doing that, this bill takes a hammer to tech products that consumers love,” said Chamber of Progress Founder and CEO Adam Kovacevich.  “Preventing Amazon from selling Amazon Basics and banning Google’s maps from its search results isn’t going to do anything to make the Internet better for families. This is like calling a car mechanic to fix your laptop.”

Earlier this year, Chamber of Progress published a two-part analysis (here and here) of 28 tech products that would be banned or degraded by Rep. David Cicilline’s companion proposal to Klobuchar’s — from Apple’s App Store, Amazon Prime, and Google’s shopping results. It published an additional analysis today.

This summer, Chamber of Progress released the results of a Morning Consult survey of 2,000 registered voters, which found that while voters generally support regulation of tech services, they ranked the issue behind other priority areas for Congress.  And after they learned more detail about proposals like Sen. Klobuchar’s to ban certain tech conveniences, voters in the survey opposed that idea 45% to 39%. 

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Chamber of Progress (progresschamber.org) is a new center-left tech industry policy coalition promoting technology’s progressive future.  We work to ensure that all Americans benefit from technological leaps, and that the tech industry operates responsibly and fairly.  

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