New Study: Autonomous Vehicle Jobs to Exceed 110k in U.S.

Every additional 1000 autonomous vehicles will mean 190 jobs

Apr 8, 2024

On Monday, Chamber of Progress published a new report forecasting the number and types of jobs that will be created as a result of autonomous vehicle deployment in the United States, finding that more than 114,000 workers — and up to 455,000 workers in an optimistic scenario – will be employed over the next 15 years to meet AV production, distribution, maintenance, upgrades, and repair needs.

The report found that for every 1,000 autonomous vehicles produced and deployed annually, approximately 190 workers will be needed for manufacturing and servicing these vehicles.

The report was developed by Steer, a consultancy that combines commercial, economic, technical, and planning expertise, and Fourth Economy, a national strategy firm focused on community and economic development. No previous studies have looked in detail at the types of jobs, wages, or location of jobs created by AVs.

Read the full report:

Opportunity AV: How Many and What Types of Jobs Will Be Created by Autonomous Vehicles?

The report found that AV-related jobs will be high-paying and accessible to workers without a college degree, with 82% of AV workers overall and 59% of those without a college degree earning more than the U.S. median wage. The report also examines which states are best-positioned to recruit AV workers in the future

“The deployment of autonomous vehicles will mean hundreds of thousands of jobs created here in the US,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “What this research shows is that with smart public policy, AVs are likely to bring good-paying jobs for a whole range of workers with different educational backgrounds. Ultimately, this sector could be an economic engine for the US if we’re able to maintain a lead in designing and producing these cars.”

Key Findings:

  • For every 1,000 AVs produced and deployed annually, approximately 190 workers will be needed for manufacturing and servicing these vehicles.
  • In a moderate economic scenario, the report anticipates deployment of 9 million autonomous vehicles over the next 15 years, with 114,000 jobs created.
  • In an optimistic scenario, the report forecasts deployment of 36 million AVs deployed over the next 15 years with 455,000 jobs created.
  • AV industry jobs typically pay above U.S. median wage. Analysis shows that 82 percent of AV workers make more than the US median wage.
  • AVs can support the resiliency of the US auto industry where it is strong today and create new centers for AV-related jobs in places with strong tech sectors.
  • To take advantage of AV economic and job opportunities, the US must encourage further technology development, increase capital investment, and establish a favorable regulatory framework.


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