New York’s Digital Bills Threaten Minors Online

Digital media legislation raises privacy, censorship, constitutional concerns

Mar 8, 2024

On Friday, Chamber of Progress announced the launch of a new campaign to stop New York’s digital media bills (S7694 and A8148) – legislation that could end up harming at-risk teens and invading their privacy.  New York’s digital media bills as written are also likely to face the same constitutional challenges that have halted similar state bills. Among the bills’ provisions is a ban on the use of algorithms in teens’ digital media feeds, including algorithms that filter out hate speech and harassment. 

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“Banning algorithms that filter out harmful content would turn New York teens’ online experience into a stream of toxic posts,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “Everyone wants to keep minors safe online, but New York’s digital media bills do the opposite. This legislation would be like banning water filters to make sure people get essential minerals from their tap – the intent is good, but the legislation is seriously flawed.”

In addition to preventing the use of algorithms that filter out harmful content, New York’s digital media bills would bar technology platforms from curating social media feeds by default, forbidding services from tailoring content to younger teens based on age inference. LGBTQ advocates have also warned that the bills threaten to eliminate access to resources and online communities for marginalized teens.


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