Press Conference: Legal Analysis Following Gonzalez v. Google Hearing

Feb. 21: Experts share insight on Supreme Court oral arguments

Feb 15, 2023

On Tuesday, February 21, after the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Gonzalez v. Google, Chamber of Progress will host a press conference with experts in internet law sharing their insight into the direction of the landmark Section 230 case.

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The press conference, scheduled for one hour after oral arguments close, will feature the following speakers:

  • Jess Miers, Legal Advocacy Counsel, Chamber of Progress
  • Corbin Barthold, Internet Policy Counsel, TechFreedom
  • Cathy Gellis, Attorney/Outside Policy Counsel, Amicus Counsel
  • Prof. Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University School of Law

The press conference will begin one hour after the Gonzalez Supreme Court hearing finishes, with an estimated start time of 1PM. Chamber of Progress will issue a reminder in advance of the press conference confirming the start time.

For background on the Gonzalez v. Google case and the impacts of degrading Section 230, read CNBC’s How the Supreme Court could soon change free speech on the internet. For more on the legal issues and potential impacts of the Gonzalez v. Google case, read the amicus briefs filed by Chamber of Progress, Prof. Eric Goldman, the Copia Institute, and TechFreedom.


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