Reaction to White House Statement on U.S. and E.U. Tech Legislation
Feb 3, 2022

On Thursday evening, the White House released a statement to Politico regarding U.S. and E.U. tech regulation proposals, saying, “We are supportive of bipartisan progress being made in Congress on these issues. The United States shares the concerns and policy objectives that the European Union seeks to address. Even as we engage on concerns we have about distinct elements of the EU’s approach, we are encouraging the bipartisan progress being made in Congress on these issues.”

While the statement doesn’t include an explicit endorsement of particular legislation, it comes as the Biden Administration is pushing back on Europe’s discriminatory Digital Markets Act, and amid a slew of hearings and markups on new tech regulations in Congress – some of which have raised concerns among congressional Democrats. 

“President Biden has made his approach to the tech industry clear: police U.S. tech companies at home, and stand up to discrimination against American workers from abroad,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “We know that voters want regulation of the tech industry, but they also don’t like proposals that would break Amazon Prime or their iPhones. Making big changes to products used by millions of Americans isn’t a winning recipe for Democrats in this fall’s elections.”

Last month, Chamber of Progress shared a memo with White House officials summarizing new polling illustrating voter concerns with competition legislation making its way through Congress. The full memo is available here.


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