Senate Tries to Fast-Track Disputed App Store Bill

In end-of-year rush, controversial bills get hotlined

Dec 8, 2022

Following the failed last-minute push to pass the JCPA, senators today  “hotlined” the Open App Markets Act in an attempt to pass the bill without a recorded vote. During consideration of the bill earlier this year, lawmakers raised serious concerns over the bill creating cybersecurity risks, hamstringing content moderation, and targeting specific tech companies

“The Open App Markets Act is a disaster for consumers, opening phones up to a whole host of cybersecurity risks,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “The bill ties the hands of tech companies working to keep hateful and harmful apps off consumer devices. Passing such a controversial bill impacting millions of consumers without a Senate floor debate would be a huge mistake.”

For more on the concerns raised by Democratic lawmakers during OAMA’s markup, check out Chamber of Progress’s post-markup rundown


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