Senators Push for Fast-Track Vote on AI 230 Bill

Legislation may come up for unanimous consent vote tomorrow

Dec 5, 2023

On Wednesday, Sens. Josh Hawley and Richard Blumenthal will push for fast-tracked passage of their legislation denying Section 230 protections for generative AI-created works. The two-page bill, which loosely defines generative AI, would apply to a broad swath of technology services, ranging from AI image correction to AI legal aid tools.

“Lawmakers should think twice before enacting legislation adding an extra layer of legal liability to virtually every app, software tool, and tech service that’s come out in the past six months,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “This bill wouldn’t just have a chilling effect on chatbots – it threatens to crush a wide range of useful tools and services Americans like. Instead of rushing this through, there needs to be a serious debate about the right approach to regulating AI-generated content.”


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