Statement on Illinois’ App Store Legislation

Polling shows consumers prioritize cybersecurity, data privacy regulations

Feb 7, 2022

This month, Illinois lawmakers are preparing to hold a hearing on new app store legislation (H.B. 4599) that would mandate phone makers allow consumers to use risky alternative payment systems outside of the app store to make app purchases. Chamber of Progress, a center-left tech policy organization, opposes the legislation because it would erode the security, trust, and convenience consumers value.

“In state after state, our polling demonstrates that voters care about the economy, COVID, inflation, and education – not forced app distribution,” said Chamber of Progress State and Local Public Policy Director Montana Williams. “Proposals such as H.B. 4599 would weaken the privacy and security of mobile phones for Illinois residents. This legislation isn’t about small developers – it’s about helping a handful of giant video game makers and subscription apps with their bottom line.”

Last week, the U.S. Senate held a hearing on similar legislation under consideration at the federal level, with multiple Democratic senators testifying in opposition to the bill

Chamber of Progress has sponsored polling in California, Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Georgia to gauge voter attitudes toward proposed app store regulations. In every statewide poll, voters have ranked cybersecurity and data privacy as top tech policy priorities, while regulating app store rules falls to the bottom of the list.


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