Tech Groups Urge Biden to Stand up to Discriminatory EU Regulations
Sep 15, 2023

This week, a coalition of seven tech industry groups, including Chamber of Progress, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Consumer Technology Association, the Developers Alliance, NetChoice, SIIA, and TechNet, wrote to urge President Biden to stand up to discriminatory EU regulations under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The letter follows the announcement of DMA “gatekeeper” designations, which target five US companies, and no European firms.

Read the full letter here

From the coalition’s letter to the Administration:

“With the new list of “gatekeepers,” it is apparent that the DMA’s regulatory cudgel is pointed squarely at five leading American companies that support an ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs, and have collectively put millions of Americans to work over the past decade.”

“Were the situation reversed, European leaders would never accept any U.S. regulation that singled out European firms in order to support the growth of American competitors. We ask you to stand up for the 8 million American digital economy workers against these protectionist policies, and demand an end to Europe’s discriminatory regulation.” 

Last year, Chamber of Progress released polling on American voter attitudes towards the DMA. The poll found that a plurality of Democratic voters (38%) would like to see the Biden Administration work with European policymakers to reduce the impact of the act on US workers and companies, while a plurality of Republicans (35%) would like to see the president impose retaliatory regulations against European companies.


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