U.S. Court Strikes Down Florida Law To Increase Online Hate and Disinformation
Jun 30, 2021

On Wednesday, a U.S. District Court judge struck down a new Florida law that would shelter dangerous and malicious social media content. Set to go into effect tomorrow, the new law would have tied platforms’ hands in fighting hate speech and disinformation, restricted platform policy changes to once per month, facilitated foreign trolls’ interference in elections, and enabled political leaders to foment insurrection online. Chamber of Progress and eight other industry and civil society organizations submitted an amicus brief to the court earlier this month opposing the law. 

“To keep people safe from online harassment and disinformation, social media companies need to be able to referee their platforms. Florida’s new law would have forced sites to pull the refs, opening up digital media to hate groups and scammers,” said Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich. “Lawmakers should focus on fostering healthy online communities, not sheltering harassers and the insurrectionists who stormed our Capitol.”

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