Utah Lawmakers Move Bill Banning Kids from Social Media

Utah House Judiciary Committee considers legislation

Feb 3, 2023

On Friday, the Utah House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on new legislation that would ban Utah children and teens under the age of 16 from using social media. For teens ages 16 and 17, the bill requires parental consent to use social media. Chamber of Progress offered testimony opposing the bill, citing research that shows online platforms provide teens with social connection and support, and raising concerns that the legislation would endanger online privacy by requiring all social media users to verify their age and identity.

“This legislation would block teens from positive social connections and sacrifice the privacy of all social media users,” said Chamber of Progress State and Local Policy Director Kouri Marshall in testimony to the Utah House Judiciary Committee. “Studies show that a majority of teens say social media provides them with a space for connection, creativity and support. Additionally, the bill’s age verification requirement would result in increased data collection for everyone on the internet, not just children.”


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